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Success Stories

Brazil Largest Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Cellular Backhaul


One  of  the  largest  Mobile  Network  Operators  (MNO)  in  Brazil  needed  to  rapidly deploy  several  Cellular  Backhaul  sites  in  under  40  days  in  order  to  comply  with  regulatory requirements for connectivity KPIs.


The MNO deployed SpaceBridge’s state-of-the art WaveSwitch technology. It uniquely combines Dynamic-SCPC and  MF-TDMA  satellite  access  methods  in  a  highly  flexible,  bandwidth-saving and throughput-maximizing architecture.  SpaceBridge  installed  an  ASAT™  VSAT  HUB  on  the  Telesat  T12  satellite  at  a teleport  in  Belo  Horizonte,  Brazil  and installed ASAT™ VSATs  at  remote  cell  sites. The HUB rapidly launched operation within   a   record   37   days   of   contract  execution. Using SpaceBridge U7400-C4 VSAT terminals and WaveSwitch™ technology, the customer achieved superior  Cellular  Backhaul performance meet  ANATEL’s stringent regulatory  connectivity KPIs.

Benefits of SpaceBridge

Thanks to the SpaceBridge satellite solution with efficient SCPC/MF-TDMA, the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) has been able to successfully meet extremely rigorous network KPIs set by regulators. All while limiting satellite costs in the backhaul network. Success has enabled expansion to new sites, so the MNO extended its VSAT service contract. Local communities in very remote locations far beyond the reach of fiber or terrestrial microwave radio now enjoy amazing 3G/4G connectivity. SpaceBridge U7400-C4 terminals deliver over 30% bandwidth savings. It does this with acceleration and optimization of 3G/4G traffic, while ruggedly  withstanding  harsh  environmental  conditions. Remote  regions  in  Brazil  were  accustomed  to  spotty  cell  service  and  technical  support  during  rainy  seasons,  due  to  travel and field service and maintenance challenges.


There are many challenges. Such as Remote regions in Brazil that got used to mediocre service. Remote sites needing technical support. Additionally, transportation conditions during heavy summer, when precipitation levels are very high and access to sites is difficult. Activated site in a non-served regions created an un ordinary request of usage. Moreover, it created new revenue drivers for the MNO.

Results: The Benefits of SpaceBridge

The Spacebridge VSAT solution connects a previously un-served population to the rest of the World. In fact, SpaceBridge want to help bridge “Digital Divide”. The advance VSAT network employs two Geo Redundant Hubs in diverse central Brazilian cities. This provides unparalleled redundancy and continuity to meet and exceed regulatory and business KPIs. Successful expansion of VSAT-backhauled cellular services to previously unserved and poorly served regions has unleashed new demand and revenue streams for the Mobile operator.