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The Next Generation in Satellite Enterprise Broadband Solutions

In fact, enterprise broadband is becoming necessary with more and more enterprise IT applications migrating to and running on private and/or public clouds,  reliable high-speed IP/Internet connectivity has become more integral to daily business than ever before. In fact, for most large businesses, having digital connectivity to and from corporate remote locations is essential to daily operation. Additionally, banking, retail businesses, gas/petrol stations, healthcare, and oil exploration firms are a few examples of businesses that heavily rely on wide-area data networks

Perfect for Large-Scale Multi-site Networks

Moreover, the SpaceBridge ASAT™ VSAT system delivers reliable, cost-effective IP connectivity to widely dispersed facilities, virtually anywhere for enterprise networks that can best be served by satellite technology. In fact, the huge reduction in bandwidth cost-per-bit created by new HTS satellite technology makes VSAT enterprise broadband network more affordable than ever.  In fact, SpaceBridge’s ASAT VSAT system is optimized to leverage the advantages of HTS satellites. Thus, this builds on top of all the advantages that VSAT networks have long provided. For example, some advantages are the ability to scale corporate to tens of thousands of locations, efficient one-to-many broadcasting, and the ability rapidly add new bandwidth-sharing sites.

Bridge to Enterprise Broadband: SpaceBridge

The ASAT™ system can deliver reliable broadband communications to even the most remote satellite locations. It includes download rates as high as 100 to 500 Mbps, faster than the capabilities of many terrestrial systems. In fact, ASAT™ provides pure end-to-end IP networking capabilities. As well as, provides user quality of experience (QoE), and SLA management capabilities that can power Corporate/ Enterprise broadband networks in the sky.

SpaceBridge’s E7000 VSAT Router is a high-performance appliance with a full set of networking features for enterprise environments and connectivity. In fact, this product includes:

  • Enterprise-grade security capabilities such as VLAN support, IPSec VPN and routing protocols to support prosumer to large-scale branch office connectivity.
  • Support for ultra-fast download and upload speeds, TCP/IP and HTTP acceleration, user traffic compression.
  • Also, built-in optimization features for use with next-generation High-Throughput-Satellite (HTS) systems, and QoS management capabilities that make it an ideal broadband connectivity solution for networks with many distribute, or remote offices.
Disaster Recovery 

Moreover, fiber lines can go down. Similarly, local circuits can suffer outages. Therefore, terrestrial telecommunications networks are vulnerable to both natural and man-made disasters. Additionally, it requires immediate and rapid restoral, for business-critical connectivity can be crucial.  In fact, for Disaster Recovery or Backup networks, the SpaceBridge platform ASAT™ can provide a diverse communication restoral path that completely bypasses failed terrestrial infrastructure. Moreover, it does this by directly connecting remote sites over satellite at broadband speeds. Additionally, on top of its ability to provide broadband everywhere independent of the terrestrial telecoms infrastructure, an ASAT™ system can also integrate seamlessly into wire-line networks during normal non-emergency operations.

Emergency Communications

Moreover, ASAT systems can also provide rapid-response mobile communications for emergency restoral of connectivity for critical corporate or government facilities, or agencies.