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Financial institutions, retail banks, insurance, retail service, ATM networks and lottery are among those that can require data networks to scale to hundreds or thousands of remote locations in a centrally managed, secure corporate network. In addition, industrial IoT/ M2M applications can range from transaction processing network connectivity to video surveillance, to digital kiosks and signage distribution.

In fact, VSAT networks can efficiently broadcast data to virtually unlimited numbers of locations within a satellite footprint. It does this while providing uniform QOS for financial and other transactional IP data networks.

Thus, unlike terrestrial lines, satellite bandwidth can be shared across all sites in point-to-multi point networks. This offers a  significant per-site bandwidth cost efficiencies for some types of IoT networks.  For example, for transactional services that require only small amounts of “bursty” data, such as ATMs. Moreover, the satellite capacity can be reliably shared across hundreds of terminal locations. Thus, making the per-site cost lower than terrestrial in some regions.

In addition, for nationwide financial institutions, retail chains and networks, VSATs are easily installed in rural and remote sites where landlines or cell service is not available or affordable.

For ATM networks, financial lottery and similar requirements, the SpaceBridge C7700 IoT VSAT using an ASAT IITM VSAT network offer configurations for low-data-rate transactional behavior with minimal jitter and reduced delay.

In addition, for very high-speed IP capacity the U7780 and U7800 modems deliver even higher throughput, and additional IP network performance and management features.


SpaceBridge WaveSwitch™ technology seamlessly optimizes the selected satellite access method to suit varying customer application requirements in real time. Furthermore, this industry-first VSAT System with “on-the-fly” waveform switching, allocates bandwidth to sites or groups in real-time from a common pool of bandwidth space segment. WaveSwitch dynamically selects from SpaceBridge’s industry leading RCSX™ choice of waveform.