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WEBINAR: Connecting Antennas and Satellites: The Critical Link?

Thursday, 25 May 2023

15h00, heure du Royaume-Uni / 10h00 EST

Speaker: Amir Kashanizadeh – Director of System Engineering at Spacebridge

Satellite communications fulfils unique business needs, but this comes with significant network challenges. These challenges necessitate that satellite network solutions companies provide products and services to ensure that satellite communications are efficient, secure, reliable and optimized for their intended purpose. This webinar will examine in detail how solutions providers meet the complexities of these challenges and how their products and services are transforming as the antennas and spacecraft are transforming.


Comments (3)

  1. Atsushi MURAKAMI
    mai 18, 2023

    I am interested in space mesh in a future

  2. Sudheer Chandroth
    mai 19, 2023


  3. Camuano Monteiro
    mai 19, 2023

    I need to learn more about connecting antenna and satellite. The critical issue on the installation and commission. I am hopefully to understand properly what we are missing on doing it correctly.

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