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SBMP100 Series 1.0m X, Ku and Ka-band Manpack Antennas

Présentation du produit

These 1m rugged, lightweight and compact manpack antennas are suitable for the most demanding and mission critical applications.

Available in three bands: X, Ku and Ka-band


  • Can be carried and transported by one or two people on foot through rough terrain
  • Mechanically resistant, can be transported and deployed under harsh conditions
  • Facile à monter, à déployer et à démonter, à stocker.
  • Utilisation facile, déploiement rapide
  • Peut être intégré à toute solution de connectivité au réseau terrestre
  • Carbon fiber reflector and supporting system for lighter weight and higher strength​
  • Designed and tested to drain rain water, even in the highest elevation angles​
  • Hi gain, low sidelobe, complies with MIL-STD-188-164A, ITU-R S.580 requirements​
  • Antenna and RF parts can be fit into one backpack​
  • Compatible with SpaceBridge ASAT™ modems​

The SBMP100 can connect isolated military tactical units and disaster recovery and public safety teams.

Il convient de l'utiliser lorsque les conditions suivantes sont requises :

  • Au-delà de la ligne de visée (BLOS)
  • Communications en pause (COTP)
  • Mobility – can be transported by one or two men on foot, land vehicle, boat, ship, airplane and helicopter

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