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SpaceBridge s'associe à XipLink pour fournir le meilleur backhaul de sa catégorie pour les zones rurales et éloignées

SpaceBridge Inc., un fabricant de plates-formes de réseau satellite VSAT à haut débit (HTS)/VHTS, et XipLink, le principal fournisseur d'optimisation et d'accélération de réseau d'accès radio (RAN) ont annoncé aujourd'hui conjointement un partenariat technologique pour fournir le meilleur backhaul de sa catégorie pour régions rurales et éloignées.

XipLink will be integrating their 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G RAN and L2/VLAN optimization software into SpaceBridge’s U7780 and U7800 Professional Satellite modems. This is to provide high efficiency bandwidth on demand (BOD), which enables exceptional user experience and bandwidth savings. In fact, the integration of XipLink’s Virtual Software solution into SpaceBridge’s blade distributed HUB architecture will provide quick and dynamically scalable capacity. This provides mobile network operators (MNOs) a fully optimized dynamically shared bandwidth on demand backhaul solution. As well as a faster time-to-market and better ROI to deliver coverage. Therefore, this will provide best in class backhaul for rural and remote areas.

À propos de SpaceBridge

SpaceBridge is a leading designer, manufacturer and provider of high throughput satellite (HTS)/VHTS broadband VSAT satellite network platforms, terminals and network solutions. In addition, SpaceBridge’s ASATTM VSAT solution features high throughput forward carriers based on DVB-S2X and return carriers based on advanced DVB-RCS2 MF-TDMA. It is available with scalable tiers to support thousands of remote user terminals (UTs). In fact, it is available in the delivery of services to enterprises, mobile network operators, broadband users, etc.

The new U7780, born of SpaceBridge’s close collaboration with its customers, delivers a high efficiency, high throughput TDMA solution encompassing optimizations. As well as accelerations essential to the delivery of mobile services with high user satisfaction. In addition, the U7800 also features SpaceBridge’s WaveSwitchTM which allows dynamic switching of bigger bandwidth customers from MF-TDMA to/from SCPC on the fly. This in turn allows sites to benefit from high performance of SCPC waveform. As well as allows spectral efficiency on the returns, reduces overall satellite consumption. It also enables increased network sharing factor to serve larger amount of CBH sites. In fact, it does this with the same amount of satellite bandwidth.

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About XipLink

The XipLink solution is designed to address the disadvantages associated with expensive and latency prone backhaul transport. It supports a comprehensive array of features. That include GTP transparency, RAN optimization, TCP acceleration, congestion control, link estimation, traffic steering, security and quality of service (QoS). Globally, leading MNOs have deployed XipLink to boost mobile backhaul throughput. They did this by significantly reducing satellite or microwave bandwidth consumption across the RAN.

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SpaceBridge will showcase its satellite backhaul solution at CABSAT 2021. On October 26th – 28th at Dubai World Trade Centre (Hall 3, Stand A3-30).