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      Internet-of-Things (IoT)/ Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

      The proliferation of IP-enabled industrial things, or “objects,” equipped with sensors, processors and network capabilities means that more and more remote device functions and operations can and will be reported, controlled and automated via the Internet and IP networks. The business benefits from IIoT can be large across many industries.  They range from cost and downtime reductions, to efficiency and productivity gains, to better asset tracking and resource management, to new revenue opportunities.

      SpaceBridge products and technology can uniquely address Industrial IoT / Machine-to-Machine data networking requirements for a wide variety of Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications.   These include:   Smart Infrastructure | Logistics | Healthcare | Smart Utilities & Energy | Insurance | Mining | Agriculture | ATM Networks | Lottery Networks | Kiosk & Signage | and many more.

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      Satellite networking advantages

      Two-way satellite VSAT networks can provide major advantages for large-scale Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) data networks.  VSAT have proven to be a very reliable and cost-effective technology for collecting and distributing data to/from large numbers of geographically distributed locations.   As a wireless bypass technology, VSATs can deliver uniform QOS network availability and managed network performance standards — across multiple countries, or telecoms provider territories.

      SpaceBridge VSAT solutions offer major advantages for powering Industrial IoT (IIoT/M2M) systems that require large-scale IP data networks, particularly those with:

      • Geographically dispersed networks
      • Many sites: our VSAT solution cost-effectively scales from a handful of locations to hundreds of thousands
      • Remote locations: VSAT terminals can be rapidly set up to connect IoT traffic from remote locations that have no telecoms.

      ASAT System for IoT

      The SpaceBridge ASAT™ VSAT network can address industrial IoT data network requirements across many industries.

      The solution typically includes:

      • SpaceBridge VSAT HUB
      • ASAT™ Built-for IOT/M2M VSAT C7700 Terminal

      Solution Overview

      SpaceBridge provides a solution for connecting IP-enabled devices, located anywhere within a broad satellite footprint, to an organization’s central IoT system.

      • A VSAT terminal/router is installed at any given remote location and connected to IoT “Objects” such as sensors, meters, digital displays, or other devices. IoT device data, such as telematics, controls, content, status, etc., is routed via this VSAT terminal to the main system via satellite.
      • IoT devices can be directly connected to at the remote VSAT router by a LAN, or traffic can be received from downstream source devices via wireless methods such as Wi-Fi, LTE, RFID, low-power radio, etc.
      • A VSAT terminal can also aggregate traffic from local devices, routers, other “edge nodes”, other VSATs, and downstream network spokes, for final long-distance connectivity to the central IoT system.
      • Once connected over the VSAT data network, Edge Nodes become accessible to the central IoT management system.

      SpaceBridge VSAT HUB: 

      • The HUB for IoT manages network parameters across the network of remote VSAT terminals, and routes data to the customer’s central IoT system.
      • It can set up and run optimal satellite capacity use parameters based on the IoT data traffic requirements.
      • It may be co-located with the customer’s IoT system at Corporate location, or connected to a data center, or the Cloud.

      ASAT ™ Built-for IOT/M2M VSAT Terminals:

      SpaceBridge™  IoT/M2M terminal is an ultra-compact satellite terminal for end-to-end satellite communications Internet of Things (IoT).

      The C7700 ASAT terminal is designed specifically to deliver the best value-to-cost mix .  This includes:

      • Meeting IoT requirements for compact sizing, Low power consumption, and highly reliable, maintenance-free operation.
      • Reliable broadband duplex IP communications channel Forward / Return link at IP speeds up to 20/1 Mbps (up / down). For even higher throughput, the C7700 adds blazing-fast Forward / Return link speeds up to 100 / 10 Mbps (up / down) and increased IP networking features

      SpaceBridge ASAT ™  IoT/M2M Advantages

      Guaranteed polled access:  From pipelines, to ATMs, from video surveillance to Smart Grids— provision network resources to meet varying traffic demand and priorities and optimize capacity. From bursty transactions,  to occasional polling, to video streaming, or daily bulk data uploads,  our dynamically configurable space segment access method enables configuration to the exact polling needs of an IoT application.

      The SpaceBridge WaveSwitch™ seamlessly optimizes the system’s satellite access method to suit varying customer application requirements in real time.  This industry-first VSAT System with “on-the-fly” waveform switching, allocates bandwidth to sites or groups in real-time from a common pool of space segment. WaveSwitch dynamically selects from SpaceBridge’s industry leading RCSX™ choice of waveforms – ASCPC™, MF-TDMA, SCPC DVB-S2, and DVB-S2X access technologies.

      From Low-Bit Rate to Broadband:  Deliver a range of services – from multi-megabit data for Smart Grid or surveillance to low-bit-rates for machine-polling — and reduce or optimize satellite costs.

      Flexible Architecture: Star, Mesh and Point to Point network typologies can all be supported in the same system, which comes with IP satellite link acceleration, optimization,  Network Management  and QOS tools, and industrial-grade IP security.

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      Our Verticals

      Industrial IoT / Machine-to-Machine data networking for a wide variety of Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications, include:  Smart Infrastructure | Logistics | Healthcare | Smart Utilities & Energy | Insurance | Mining | Agriculture | ATM Networks | Lottery Networks | Kiosk & Signage | and many more.


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