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Maritime Connectivity over Satellite

Generally, maritime businesses transformed as satellite networks make global broadband 24×7 communications at sea more affordable, accessible, and powerful. Therefore, ATCOMs-on-the-Move technology delivers unmatched bandwidths and coverage at sea for maritime communications services around the globe, for a wide range of industry applications, including; commercial fleets, transport, fishing, and cruise liners, oil tankers, and offshore platforms.

Moreover, SpaceBridge offers a set of SOTM VSAT terminal routers and modem solutions for Maritime communications. In fact, our satellite modems are designed to support all-outdoor above-deck installation. Additionally, they simplify deployment and maintenance and deliver highly efficient satellite links.

In fact, SpaceBridge products enable a wide variety of maritime applications such as:

  • Data links for voice, data, and video to monitor and control assets and operations.
  • Internet access – including broadband connectivity for business, cruise line cabin services, Wi-Fi, and crew Welfare
  • Wireless / Cellular / Wi-Fi service for passengers
  • Surveillance and monitoring: from security to engine diagnostics and reporting, to container sensors and status, to fuel, freshwater, and other resources.
  • Fleet management and enterprise automation
  • Inventory and freight tracking, delivery, logistics, and status monitoring
  • HD Video and heavy data backhaul for specialized applications, such as ocean drilling and exploration.

In addition, government and naval fleets also have mission-critical applications such as Command & Control, remote equipment, asset monitoring, crew welfare, and live surveillance that demand high bandwidths the SATCOMs-on-the-Move technology delivers.

Moreover, maritime services can pose unique technical, operational, and business challenges. Therefore, depending on the type of vessel or platform these can include:

  • Seasonal, temporary, and large fluctuating traffic and bandwidth requirements
  • As well as, Roaming, satellite, and beam switching/handovers
  • Also, complex terminals that require high satellite power resources
  • On-board Cellular – roaming network (3G/4G/LTE)