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      SpaceBridge Inc.’s diverse portfolio includes the ASAT™ product line, which serves different verticals with various technologies and applications. Key areas of focus are: Cellular Backhaul for 2G/3G/4G and 5G, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Commercial and Military SatComs-On-The-Move, High-Speed Broadband, Multicast IPTV, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Videoconferencing, L2/L3 VPN, Virtual Network Operator, and HD/UHD TV Broadcasting. ASAT™ Wave Switch™ innovative, award-winning technology enables dynamic return link selection and switching to the most-appropriate waveform, whether MF-TDMA, ASCPC, or SCPC. Thereby optimizing satellite resource usage for satellite networks and operators. SpaceBridge Inc. continues to enhance its innovative architecture to not only meet today’s satellite challenges in managing ground and space satellite resources, but also to provide superior solutions that address the New-Space satellite challenges of tomorrow.

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              C7700 Desktop HTS Broadband VSAT Router

              C7700 Desktop HTS Broadband VSAT Router for indoor installation, matching any satellite / band. Suitable for consumer Internet, Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) and Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Internet connectivity applications. Typical Applications and Uses HTS Mass market consumer broadband Internet. Small Office Home


              U7800 – Standalone / ASAT™ System Dual Waveform Satellite Modem

              The U7800 – Standalone / ASAT™ Professional grade modem provides unlimited versatility. This product provides an unparalleled performance for enterprise, telco, cellular backhaul, medium size trunking and SCPC.

              U7800 is a telco grade indoor 19” rack-mountable suitable for professional grade deployments for any enterprise market.



              U7780 – ASAT™ System Professional MF-TDMA Satellite Modem

              The U7780 – ASAT™ is an advanced enterprise and cellular backhaul modem for high performance CBH traffic optimization. This product is provides top notch experience and unparalleled value for service providers and MNOs.

              It contains a rack mount form factor for easy integration with telco cabinets.


              E7000 Enterprise-Class VSAT Router

              E7000 is an enterprise-class VSAT router. It is designed as a network appliance to cover business connectivity needs for corporate and enterprise-class branch office satellite broadband connectivity. E7000 VSAT router is part of the ASAT Enterprise VSAT family also sold as S7000 or VR7000.


              S4120 – ASAT™ System MF-TDMA Satellite Modem

              Featuring DVB-RCS MF-TDMA return channel, the S4120 is an ideal cost effective modem for SOHO, enterprise and government applications, with all key IP features and attractive small form-factor, and high-speed connectivity. The S4120 VSAT terminal is interoperable with other SpaceBridge DVB-RCS terminals and hubs in the same network, replacing cable or DSL connection, or serve as a backup solution to pro

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