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Success Stories
Peñoles Mexico

Peñoles Mexico IIoT for Mining

Executive Summary

Industrias Peñoles needed to connect many mining locations around Mexico through a satellite network with high availability. Key factors for this project included: both star and mesh connectivity for mining activities and a highly reliable connectivity for sharing critical data, voice and video between all locations and headquarters.


SpaceBridge, has deployed a fully  redundant  satellite network supporting star and mesh connectivity between all sites. The ASAT™ platform  was installed in two main locations connected  by Fiber Optic to provide a Geo-redundancy disaster recovery solution and increase the overall availability of the network.

Using Spacebridge U7400-M and 2.4 meter Ku band antennas in the remote sites, it was possible to provide fast and full connectivity between all locations without satellite double hop delay thanks to mesh single hop operation.


Peñoles is one of the two world’s largest producers of refined silver with most mines located in difficult to access areas where communication is critical. Reliable communication is of utmost importance not just for the business, but for the safety of the workers in those areas. A highly reliable network with high availability is part of Peñoles’s values as a company.

Benefits of SpaceBridge

Thanks to the Star-Mesh dual operation supported by the ASAT™ platform and the capability to support geo redundancy on the same platform, it was possible to increase the availability of the network. As well as reduce the Operational Cost (OPEX) related to the satellite space segment. Moreover, a network with high performance and low delay was delivered.

Today, Peñoles has a private, upgradable and flexible network. They have full control to modify or prioritize the traffic between all remotes sites according to their needs.


Therefore, SpaceBridge provided a turnkey system in time, cost and quality according to the high standards required for the remote mining location of Peñoles. After a few years of service, Peñoles extended their support contract with SpaceBridge to 6 years, showing their trust in the SpaceBridge infrastructure.