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S4120 – ASAT™ System MF-TDMA Satellite Modem

Product Overview

The S4120 VSAT terminal is interoperable with other SpaceBridge DVB-RCS terminals and hubs in the same network, replacing cable or DSL connection, or serve as a backup solution to provide business continuity.

Major Capabilities

  • Built in DHCP/NAT IP services
  • TCP/IP acceleration
  • Support voice and video multimedia applications
  • DVB-S2 efficient Forward Link supporting
    ACM rain fade mitigation
  • Easily deploy and service remote households and offices
  • Fast downloads
  • Resilient Internet connectivity

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  • Enterprise-class VSAT satellite modem, designed as a network appliance to cover business connectivity needs.
  • Encrypted VPN tunnel support, allowing traffic protection from VSAT modem to the hub or to enterprise own router (ordering option).
  • Support all corporate mission critical application such as :ERP, Citirx, Outlook and Internet connectivity


  • Download Speed Up to 100Mbps /Upload Speed Up to 25Mbps.
  • Built in embedded QoS support integrated with Forward and Return Link ACM
  • DVB-S2/S2X ACM, GSE encapsulation, QPSK up to 256APSK LDPC/BCH.
  • Layer-3 support including enterprise routing protocols and VRRP for route diversity

Use Cases

  • Small office / home office
  • Small medium enterprise branch connectivity
  • Residential Internet access

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