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      Satcom On The Move – SOTM

      The use of wide band satellite frequencies (C, Ku, X, Ka) to provide high bandwidth services to earth station antennas that can continuously track satellites and maintain communications links while in motion has opened up new markets for SATCOMS On-the-Move (SOTM) applications on land, at sea, and in the air. New generations of satellites, including Ka-Band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems, with more global coverage and bandwidth, and the power to deliver greater capacity to smaller terminals, make mobility OTM and OTP services more practical and affordable than ever. Today’s SATCOMS On-the-Move (OTM) ground systems provide high bandwidth communications to in-motion antenna terminals mounted on moving vehicles in a variety of market segments, from land-mobile, to maritime, to air, including:

      • Military and Homeland Security networks
      • Emergency Response networks
      • Airborne communications
      • Maritime — commercial shipping, offshore energy, cruise, and leisure vessel communications
      • Land and maritime fleet asset, freight, and logistics management
      • Passenger broadband services – Maritime Cruise, Aero, Rail, and Bus lines

      SpaceBridge products provide solutions to a variety of industry requirements for SOTM and OTP terminals.

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      On-the-Pause (SOTP/OTP)

      SATCOMS On-the-Pause (OTP) ground systems can be deployed rapidly where no telecoms infrastructure exists, in remote and extreme locations, in some cases in a matter of minutes, to provide instant global high-bandwidth connectivity.

      On-the-Pause (OTP) solutions employ similar and overlapping technologies, also can face similar technical challenges and environments as SATCOM on On-the-Move.

      First Responder teams,  military troops, and special forces, and other types of users can require quick-assembly, auto-pointing, “flyaway” terminals, or “Manpacks” that are lightweight, provide maximum portability and rapid satellite bandwidth access.   These OTP terminals can be vehicle mounted  as well.

      SpaceBridge provides all-outdoor, rugged, weatherized integrated VSAT router products for both civilian and military grade networks to meet these kinds of network requirements, and address their satellite resource, signaling, security, and service challenges.

      For Military land OTM and OTP requirements, the U7800 – Standalone / ASAT™ System Dual Waveform Satellite Modem is a unique unit designed to meet intense demands in the field.

      SATCOM On the Move (SOTM) Stabilized Tracking Antennas

      SpaceBridge products also provide solutions for applications in Maritime, and Land Mobile where higher performance, larger, stabilized auto-tracking antennas enable full mobility.  These can be SOTM systems on mobile platforms such as:

      SoTM Maritime Vessels

      SoTM Land Vehicles:
      Commercial maritime fleets Land-mobile fleet communications systems
      Cruise ships Passenger transportation systems (Rail, Bus, Ferries)
      Oil Rigs and Off-shore energy facilities Military land-vehicular forces
      Leisure vessels  

      For both Maritime and Land-mobile installations, the SpaceBridge U7800 – Standalone / ASAT™ System Dual Waveform Satellite Modem is a powerful, versatile and high-performance VSAT router.

      SATCOM On-the-Move (SOTM) to Low-Profile Antennas.

      SOTM applications that use low profile electronically steerable, flat panel, and similar antennas include military Land Vehicular forces, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs).  Commercial applications include train and long-haul public transport systems, as well as land-mobile fleet management, and “connected car” systems.

      For reasons of aerodynamics, portability, weight, stealth, and other performance criteria, these systems can employ Low-Profile Antenna (LPA), Flat-Panel-Antenna (FPA), Electronically-Steerable-Antenna (ESA), Phased Array or similar antenna technologies, instead of mechanically steered antenna reflectors.

      To meet satellite operator specifications and deliver required bandwidth through these kinds of antennas, signal spreading techniques can be required.    SpaceBridge products can offer DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum).   Spread Spectrum applications can also be employed in military networks to conceal transmitted signals and overcome intentional jamming.

      For military and UAV-mounted links, the Spacebridge U7800 – Standalone / ASAT™ System Dual Waveform Satellite Modem is a unique unit.

      Ultimate Series ASAT TM System Advantages for SOTM / OTP

      As part of the Ultimate Services ASATTM product line, SpaceBridge integrated Maritime and SOTM / OTM VSATs offer these advantages:

      • A powerful and versatile integrated VSAT modem / router for enterprise and telecoms applications with IP data rates as high as 500 Mbps down and 300 Mbps up.
      • OpenAMIP antenna interface for interoperability with auto-pointing / auto-tracking antenna controller and applications for SOTM.
      • Options to Leverage sophisticated network management, acceleration and optimization tools to support Data, Voice, Video, Broadband Internet, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G/LTE cellular backhaul.
      • RCSX™ Return Link technology, WaveSwitch on-the-fly and automatic 3-waveform switching

      WaveSwitch™ – Adaptive Waveform and Bandwidth 

      SpaceBridge WaveSwitchTM technology offers unique advantages for Mobile SATCOM (SOTM).   On-the-Move applications are throughput-hungry.  Traditional VSATs using MF-TDMA satellite access can efficiently share capacity among users, but this limits terminal throughput bit rates.   Dedicating SCPC channel capacity to each terminal or link in order guarantee high data rates can be very inefficient and waste satellite capacity. SpaceBridge WaveSwitch™ technology lets satellite modems switch automatically and on-the-fly between MF-TDMA and SCPC waveformד.  WaveSwitchTM can adjust SCPC terminals’ bandwidth to optimally meet varying traffic requirements at any given instant.   With WaveSwitch™  SOTM/OTP terminals can be set to only consume bandwidth when traffic and mission priorities require it, while remaining “always-on” the network.

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      Our Verticals

      SATCOM On The Move: Defense | HLS | Emergency Response | Airborne | Maritime | Commercial shipping | Offshore energy | Maritime cruise and leisure vessel | Aero | Rail | Bus lines | SpaceBridge provide solutions to a variety of industry requirements for SOTM & OTP Terminals.


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