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SpaceBridge Inc. Presents WaveSwitch, a Technology that Reduces Operating Cost and Maximizes the User Experience

WaveSwitch allows access to HTS and VHTS geostationary satellite systems and targets the home internet access market. This includes industrial IoT. This includes infrastructure, defense, air traffic and mobility as well as transport of large amounts of data, in the order of 1.4 Gbps both point-to-point and multipoint, said Paul Sandoval, SpaceBridge Regional VP of Sales.

WaveSwitch allows real-time and “on the fly” to orchestrate the waveform with which access the satellite. Thus, reduces operating cost and maximizes the user experience.

We do not need to interrupt the circuit; with multiple modems we can make the circuit before breaking the previous one. The risk eliminated and the efficiency of the satellite bandwidth is maximized. Therefore, the prioritization in the bandwidth can be managed.

– Paul Sandoval

Economic Models

As regards for the commercial aspect, Sandoval pointed out that the firm has developed different economic models that make them the business partners of its clients. “We help the client to vertically integrate. Our business models range from infrastructure as a service, rented, shared revenue and also sold as fully capex, opex or hybrid government projects”.

ASAT’s technology, of which WaveSwitch™ is a part of, aims at different verticals that require specialized and high-performance applications. Sandoval exemplified with an X-band border protection project in Brazil, in addition to another air traffic control project. “Our platform allows communication in mesh from tower to tower. In such a way that we can have fully integrated turnkey projects such as Aerocivil in Colombia, where we have the main airport control network” he concluded.

Watch this animated video that explains WaveSwitch™ in further detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kakmjv4KUUA&ab_channel=SpaceBridge