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SpaceBridge’s ESTELLA VSAT Platform Revolutionizing Satellite Connectivity

Written by Teletimes Media LLC

In today’s digitally connected world, businesses rely on robust communication networks to drive efficiency, productivity, and growth. The SpaceBridge ESTELLATM VSAT Platform is the first VSAT platform that combines both dynamic SCPC and MF-TDMA and stands at the forefront of New Space for satellite communication technology, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises. From advanced modulation schemes to intelligent network management capabilities, ESTELLATM has emerged as the most powerful platform that allows businesses to unlock new opportunities, achieve unparalleled connectivity and significantly reduce the return channel OpEx (up to 300%), all at the same time.

Industry-Leading Performance: The foundation of the ESTELLATM platform lies in the fully developed DVB-RCS2 (Second Generation Return Channel via Satellite) technology, an Open Standard known for its evolutionary benefits in two-way interactive satellite networks. SpaceBridge has elevated this technology to the revolutionary level, surpassing DVB-RCS2 capabilities in many aspects. With support for a wide range of modulation schemes, including RCS2 QPSK, 8PSK, and 16QAM, SpaceBridge innovation with ESTELLATM increases scope to introduce SS-BPSK, BPSK, 32PSK, and 64QAM and many new MODCODs, providing exceptional support across many applications, from military operations to IIoT connectivity and broadband internet. Its adaptive nature ensures optimal performance across various scenarios, maximizing the utilization of satellite power and capacity then it is required.

Flexible Modulation Schemes: The platform supports a range of modulation schemes, allowing users to tailor their connectivity solutions to meet specific requirements. Whether it’s Very Low SNR (VL-SNR) Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum for military applications or High Es/No applications for cellular backhaul, ESTELLATM delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of use cases.

Virtual Link Budget Calculation: ESTELLA’s strength lies in its flexibility and ability to assess the user terminals requests, perform the instant virtual Link Budget for entire population every frame and maximize the throughput for all UT by optimizing the satellite power and bandwidth ratio.

Efficient Data Transmission: ESTELLATM incorporates advanced FEC technology and customizable block sizes to ensure efficient data transmission. By minimizing overhead and optimizing throughput, the platform maximizes network end-to-end efficiency to be at 97-99% and delivers an improved user experience. Whether it’s small IoT packets or large broadband streams, ESTELLATM increases the use of available bandwidth, ensuring seamless connectivity for users.

Seamless Connectivity: With WaveSwitchTM, ESTELLATM introduces patent pending dynamic SCPC-like carrier switching capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for remote terminals. Whether it’s MF-TDMA or BM-FDMA of WaveSwitchTM, ESTELLATM seamlessly adapts to changing network conditions, providing stable latency and low jitter, crucial for many jitter-intolerant applications. This seamless switching capability minimizes disruptions and ensures consistent high reliability (>99.999%), high throughput connectivity, even in challenging environments.

Intelligent Network Management: ESTELLA’s Network Control Center (NCC) powered by an intelligent engine, which constantly optimizes power and bandwidth utilization for the entire user terminals population. Through these smart and fast decision-making algorithms, ESTELLATM maximizes efficiency and ensures consistent performance across the entire single beam, or multi-beam network. This intelligent network management capability minimizes downtime and enhances platform’s overall Mbps/Hz efficiency, enabling businesses to stay connected and competitive, increasing their ROI and significantly decreasing time for the investment pay-back break-even point, that makes any business case close much faster.

Future-Proof Design: Designed to support legacy satellites and upcoming Software Defined Satellite Networks (SDSN), ESTELLATM offers unmatched deployment flexibility. Its ability to dynamically allocate resources and adjust beam capacity makes it ideally suited for evolving network requirements, ensuring long-term scalability and adaptability. Whether it’s supporting legacy infrastructure or embracing future technologies, ESTELLATM provides businesses with the flexibility they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving satellite two-way communications NewSpace.

Unrivaled Performance: From IIoT applications to high-bandwidth SCPC-like connections, ESTELLATM delivers unmatched performance on a single platform. Its ability to dynamically allocate resources and adapt to changing demands ensures that businesses stay connected and productive, regardless of the scale or complexity of their operations. With ESTELLATM, enterprises can achieve optimal connectivity, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Driving Innovation: SpaceBridge is committed to driving innovation in satellite communication technology. With ESTELLATM, businesses can harness the power of satellite connectivity like never before, transforming the way they operate and stay connected in today’s digital world. By continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation, SpaceBridge ensures that ESTELLATM remains at the forefront of satellite communication solutions, empowering businesses to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.


Key Use Cases:

Broadband ISP: Provides essential broadband Internet services over satellite. ESTELLA™ scales to thousands of remotes, supporting oversubscribed services while providing essential user experience enhancements such as IP TCP acceleration over satellite.

Rural Cellular Backhaul: In the new age of data centric and high priority cellular backhaul services, ESTELLA™ provides mobile operators the opportunity to deploy right sized networks tailored to their networking needs. High level of bandwidth sharing, QOS enforcement, and bandwidth efficient FWD/Return link, and cellular traffic optimization are key features in this important market.

Private Enterprise Networks: TDM/TDMA networks have long been favored by enterprise or commercial networks with large or medium number of remotes (gas stations, bank branches, insurance offices, POS, school internet services, highway speeding monitoring systems). ESTELLA™ provides efficient network utilization while offering ability to support encrypted and highly secure traffic across the networks.

IoT and SCADA: Intermittent or low usage traffic demands are often required in obscure and distant locations. ESTELLATM cost effective, low residual bandwidth and low power requirements provide a comprehensive solution to address this market.

Military and paramilitary: Whether it is emergency response services, or military needs such as naval services or COTP/COTM, ESTELLA™ provides essential on-demand bandwidth and support for mobility, beam hopping and other services to ensure connectivity everywhere and all the time.

Transform Your Business

Discover the future of satellite communication with SpaceBridge ESTELLATM VSAT Platform. Unlock new opportunities, streamline operations, increase capacity and reduce cost at the same time and drive growth with the most advanced VSAT platform on the market. Contact SpaceBridge today to learn more about how ESTELLATM can transform your business and propel you towards success in today’s New Space.



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