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      2G Cellular Networks

      For mobile network operators to gain the business advantages of satellite backhaul in 2G networks, the satellite solution needs to:  

      • Optimize space segment usage – a key recurring cost
      • Fully integrate with cellular Base Stations vendors to optimize Jitter, delay and Synchronization between the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and the BSC (Base Station Controller).
      • Integrate easily into complex mobile networks, with multiple standards.

      ASAT™ Ultimate Series VSAT System: 2G Backhaul Solutions

      SpaceBridge ASAT™ VSAT Hubs and satellite terminals (U7780 and U7800) integrate 2G networking optimized modems to provide an end-to-end satellite networking solution that reduces the costs for deployment and operation.

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      The SpaceBridge ASAT ™ system is perfectly suited for:

      • Extending Cellular and Wireless coverage into ex-urban, rural or remote areas
      • Backup of terrestrial backhaul links
      • Disaster Recovery and special event capacity
      • Delivering extra capacity for peak-hour traffic overflow, for example, to offload overflow traffic off saturated microwave backhaul paths.

      For 2G cellular network backhaul, the SpaceBridge U7780 and U7800 VSAT modems, integrates optimization to maximize backhaul bandwidth in a cost-effective package. it also enables full synchronization between the BSC and the BTS.

      ASAT™ offers a superior satellite backhaul network solution for meeting key challenges faced by rural networks, where an affordable solution is essential due to lower ARPUs (average revenue per user).

      Maximizing Satellite Efficiency: the WaveSwitch Advantage 

      By dynamically switching between SCPC and MF-TDMA real time waveforms and multiple access methods, SpaceBridge WaveSwitch optimizes satellite capacity usage – saving costs. The SpaceBridge WaveSwitch™ is designed to address the challenge of delivering end-user Quality of Service (QoS) in heavily or fully-subscribed cellular networks during peak traffic, while dramatically saving satellite costs.

      By reducing the cost of ownership, SpaceBridge’s WaveSwitch allows business cases to close at lower thresholds.

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