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    3G, 4G, MEC Cellular Networks

    The evolution of 2.5 G and 3G mobile networks with the addition of broadband services to smart phones required tighter integration of IP networking into the backhaul link. Now carrying  over 70% of total mobile traffic, fourth cellular generation 4G/LTE network deployments have brought huge increases in bandwidth and broadband speeds for subscribers.  For mobile network operators (MNOs) to gain the business advantages of satellite backhaul in 3G/4G networks, the satellite solution needs to:

    • Deliver much higher bit rates, to support data traffic
    • Optimize space segment usage – a key recurring cost
    • Maximize data link efficiency and minimize overhead in backhaul links
    • Integrate new IP-rich networking capabilities
    • Integrate easily into complex mobile networks, with multiple standards.
    • Add more optimization of Iub and GTP “GPRS Tunneling encrypted protocol” over the S1 interface between the RAN EPC and the eNodeB —to support 4G


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    Optimized for Satellite IP 3G/4G/LTE

    The SpaceBridge U7400-C4 is an integrated VSAT modem with built-in optimization for IP 3G and 4G/LTE satellite backhaul.   Advantages include:

    • Multiple Link Optimization techniques
    • A 3G and  4G Optimizer and built-in Acceleration Appliance Special Iub and  GTP acceleration techniques maximize satellite bandwidth efficiency
    • Advanced satellite modulation & coding for up to 200 Mbps transmission

    All of these features integrated in a single 1U enclosure.

    Data Link Optimization and Acceleration Technologies

    To increase bandwidth efficiency, throughput and QoS for end-users, the U74000-C4 integrated VSAT modem employs efficient new satellite modulation and coding technologies and standards.  Data optimization techniques such as header data compression, web and video acceleration, and caching combine to boost user experience.

    Spacebridge ASAT™ offers a superior satellite backhaul network solution for meeting key challenges faced by 3G/4G networks in an affordable solution that reduces the overall cost of ownership.  The SpaceBridge ASAT™  system is perfectly suited for:

    • Extending cellular and wireless coverage into ex-urban, rural or remote areas
    • Backup of terrestrial backhaul links
    • Disaster Recovery
    • special event capacity
    • Delivering extra backhaul capacity, for example, to carry overflow traffic diverted from saturated microwave backhaul paths during traffic peaks.


    The WaveSwitch™  system addresses the challenges of Busy-Hour Traffic and end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) in heavily to fully-subscribed cellular networks, while significantly saving costly satellite resources.

    Click here to access the U7400-C4 Product Page for further resources 

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