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      5G Cellular Networks

      Path to 5G Broadband: Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

      5G network architecture pushes some decisions and applications to the “Edge” of the network, closer to subscribers, in order to provide low latency and high bandwidth access to content and services.   Edge computing technologies and MEC in particular, provide a migration path towards 5G.

      Open Radio Access Network (RAN) and Multi-Access Edge Computing / Mobile Edge Computing

      Mobile operators can use MEC to flexibly and rapidly deploy innovative applications and services for mobile subscribers by opening their Radio Access Network (RAN) edge to authorized third-parties.

      Deploying an open-RAN MEC platform will let an operator offload processing from the Core to the network Edge and drive content nearer to end users.   By processing data locally, MEC applications can also significantly reduce backhaul traffic and data transfer costs.   Operators can offload traffic from their own networks, while letting authorized and authenticated networks to inject content directly at the edge without consuming the MNO’s core network.  With MEC this can be done while maintaining full core compatibility and support.


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      Leveraging Satellite advantages with Mobile Edge

      Inherently a wide-area, one-to-many broadcast technology, satellites are very effective for pushing the same content to many locations.  This makes them very effective for:

      • Instantly updating CDN endpoints and caching servers with popular content that can be locally cached; and
      • Broadcasting the same live stream to a virtually unlimited number of receiving points.

      When combined with MEC, satellite can be used to more efficiently distribute certain types of bandwidth-intensive video and content traffic – and thereby free up terrestrial backhaul and front haul capacity for interactive services.

      VSAT Edge Router / MEC Modem – U9000 Multi-Access Edge Computing

      The Spacebridge U9000 Mobile Edge Computing “MEC” Modem provides an ideal solution to leverage the efficiency of satellite “edge” delivery combined with the power of MEC for mobile operators.

      The U9000 Mobile Edge Computing “MEC” Modem is equipped with internal computing power to enable smooth integration into 5G networks, and to support applications deployed over NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and SDN (Software Defined Network) infrastructure to the Edge.

      More than simply an advanced satellite modem, it also hosts an Open Standards Edge Computing platform designed to help MNOs run MEC applications.  With the U9000 VSAT platform, operators can run various types of satellite-enhanced edge services and applications, including:

      • Content Delivery Network (CDN): a U9000 MEC can serve as a CDN end point, caching popular satellite-delivered content on the MEC platform – in order to improve user latency, and reduce backhaul traffic.
      • Throughput Guidance: Throughput Guidance and QoS to throttle content delivery speeds and maintain high quality of experience for interactive applications at sites deployed with satellite backhaul
      • Multi-link / Offload: MEC local breakout capabilities can be used to set up sites with multiple backhaul links, terrestrial and satellite.  This can improve service resiliency and protect infrastructure with MEC DDoS defenses.  It can Increase the capacity of LTE sites with complimentary satellite capacity.
      • Traffic steering / Traffic offload: Traffic steering can be used to drive heavy/popular content such as viral videos to edge hosting, while freeing terrestrial capacity for response time sensitive interactive applications.

      The U9000 VSAT router provides operators the infrastructure for delivering smart and cost-effective applications and processing to the edge.

      Click here to access the U9000 Product Page for further resources 


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