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      Deployed Arena and BLOS

      Satellite Communications can be critical for direct and constant Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLoS) tactical communications between troops on battlefield and Command and Control Centers.  SATCOMs terminal types can range from fixed VSATs that move with a command post, to vehicle-mounted SATCOMS On-the-Move (SOTM) terminals, to light-weight mobile satellite terminals and “Manpacks” that can be easily and automatically set up in minutes on-the-pause (OTP) to support advancing troops.

      Satellite links for on-the move troops and warfighter networks must be reliable, resilient, robust and rugged, whether the requirement is to deliver high-quality voice/data/video communications, send intelligence and target list, update situational awareness maps in real-time to avoid friendly fire, or all of the above.

      The SpaceBridge U7800 modem is an ideal solution for diverse operational mission requirements, working in both in Hub-and-Spoke MF-TDMA, as well as SCPC network configurations.  SpaceBridge technology powers Star and Mesh two-way communication through the same platform — giving organizations the flexibility to maximize bandwidth where and when it is needed.

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      Spacebridge solutions have been designed to provide minimum latency, the highest Quality of Service (QoS) and the adaptability to meet requirements for protected, rapid and real-time access to the information war-fighters need in the field.  Embedded solutions for Transmission Security (TRANSEC) and Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) protect data/voice/video traffic in our Military products.

      Using WaveSwitch™ technology, the ASAT ™ Advanced VSAT system can serve both fixed VSAT terminal sites and On-the-Move/Mobile terminal sites — simultaneously in the same network and very efficiently, unlike some other systems.   WaveSwitch™ can allocate Bandwidth-on-Demand for a wide range of use scenarios.   Go from “maintenance-only” connections to “always-on” blazing fast broadband to “bursty” or continuously-connected mobile sites, and everything in between.

      Military Land Mobile Satellite Communications

      Military land-mobile SATCOMs On-the-Move (OTM), On-the-Pause (OTP), communications networks, serve a wide range of missions where rapidly deployable, transportable and movable high capacity BLoS (Beyond Line of Sight) communications are needed.  Applications include:

      • Secure bandwidth for Command, Control and Communications (C3) beyond enemy lines, from in-theatre to a rear HQ, or to a Home country command
      • Vehicular-Mounted communications
      • Command posts and deployed battlefield battalions
      • Security and surveillance
      • Tactical communication from Special-forces, elite units, or field troops using small satellite Manpacks for quick-deploy On-the-Pause (OTP) links.

      SATCOM On-the-Move / On-the-Pause Military-Grade Outdoor VSAT router

      For Military land OTM and OTP requirements, the U7800 – Standalone / ASAT™ System Dual Waveform Satellite Modem is an unique solution designed to meet intense demands in the field.   As an Ultimate Series VSAT, it supports point-to-point SCPC connectivity as well as hub-spoke RCS MF-TDMA, ASCPC™ and SCPC including optional mesh overlay connectivity.   Offering Government-grade encryption, VLAN and IPSec VPN,  wide range transmit and receive range Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS), and built-in OpenAMIP for SOTM antenna interoperability are just some of the features of this unit.

      Mobile bandwidth requirements can dramatically surge, and vary from moment to moment, and locations to location.  SpaceBridge WaveSwitch™ technology offers unique advantages for Military SOTM networks.   With WaveSwitch™, satellite modems to dynamically adjust bandwidth and waveform selection to meet changing traffic priorities and tactical environments — so organizations can optimize and maximize their available satellite resources and efficiency according changing requirements.   Real-time waveform switching provides real savings on a per-site, and network-wide basis for applications seeing drastic traffic density changes such as video contribution and trunks.

      Depending on terrain and other factors, earth-to-space Satellite links can be less subject to enemy interference than portable terrestrial radio/wireless links.  WaveSwitchTM on-the-fly switching adds additional potential to mitigate jamming and interception risk.

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