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      Educational systems can include thousands of schools in a given region or country, and even as many as a million schools in some of the world’s largest countries.   “E-Education” systems provide scale and efficiency, compared to traditional book-learning, for delivering uniform educational content to large numbers of schools and classrooms, however remote. Satellite-delivered Interactive educational content and classroom applications are helping educational systems successfully educate students in rural and remote communities in many countries around the world.

      • Satellite broadband is an advantageous medium for delivering multimedia e-learning applications to rural classrooms, and systems with many geographically dispersed classrooms.
      • Satellites can efficiently broadcast live classes, and multicast non-live content such as videos, e-books, and presentations, for download and later viewing On-Demand— to a virtually unlimited number of sites within the satellite footprint’s line of sight with no increase in bandwidth cost as the number of sites grows.
      • All that is needed at a school or learning facility is a low-cost satellite dish and terminal in order to provide connectivity.

      The SpaceBridge ASAT™ system is built to power the delivery of terrestrial-quality, high-speed satellite Internet access in rural areas.  It can deliver reliable, cost-efficient broadband communications to even the most remote rural schools via satellite.

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      The SpaceBridge product family of Compact VSAT terminals, such as the affordable SpaceBridge E7000 or C7700 Desktop router can help rural “digital divide” networks connect remote schools.

      VSAT networks using this platform can deliver E-classroom content and tools such as:

      • live instruction broadcasts
      • video lessons/lecture libraries and materials
      • interactive video conferencing
      • e-textbook and class materials
      • computer-based training and self-paced learning applications

      SpaceBridge brings successful experience implementing rural e-Learning, e-Education applications, and interactive platforms to enable connectivity for remote schools, universities, and vocational centers.

      The SpaceBridge E7000 VSAT router is an easy-to-deploy user terminal that can connect to a school Learning Management System, allowing students and classrooms to download and consume interactive content, such as Video-On-Demand libraries of offline lessons and lectures, instructional videos and footage.

      ASAT™  satellite link performance enhancement,  IP-over-satellite acceleration, compression, network management, and security features (e.g.  VLAN, IPSec VPN) enable school administrators, and IT/network managers to apply administrative, security, and content management/access rules.

      Rural Wi-Fi Hotspot / Wireless Backhaul

      ASAT terminals, or the SpaceBridge E7000 Compact Enterprise-class Desktop Router, can establish private data and broadband Internet connectivity for Wi-Fi backhaul, administration, and classroom applications, for example for large campuses.  Our systems and terminals can scale up easily to handle large numbers of mobile smart phones, handset devices, tablets or PCs accessing the Internet.   These can either be in the same location or distributed over wireless Wi-Fi communications.

      Bandwidth Efficiency for Educational Networks: WaveSwitch

      WaveSwitch technology from SpaceBridge offers unique advantages for “throughput-hungry” satellite-learning/education sector applications, such as two-way video, high-speed downloads, and Wi-Fi Hotspots.  With WaveSwitch™, “always-online” terminals can be set to only consume bandwidth when traffic priorities require it — minimizing expensive satellite bandwidth consumption.

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