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      HTS Internet Broadband

      New High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) satellite systems can now provide more than 100 times the capacity of conventional fixed services satellites.  With this massive increase in throughput, HTS systems dramatically reduce the cost per-bit-per second for bandwidth capacity — unleashing the potential for whole new satellite applications and markets.

      HTS satellite bandwidth economics shatter barriers that satellite-delivered Broadband Internet access has faced in the past.  New HTS capacity is coming online around the globe to address market demand in areas unserved or under-served by terrestrial networks.

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      SpaceBridge technology and VSAT systems offer distinct advantages for service operators seeking to leverage the power of HTS for Consumer and Enterprise networks.

      Unlike traditional satellite, HTS services can be competitive, in terms of speed, quality and pricing, with terrestrial solutions in ex-urban areas.  And HTS market opportunities are not just in the consumer broadband space.   New Ka-Band and HTS satellites and technology are also creating opportunities to uniquely serve enterprise and government communications markets over land, sea and in the air.  The reduced cost-per-bit of many HTS platforms also offers greatly improved economics for wireless operators’ use of satellite for cellular voice and data backhaul.

      An Advanced Architecture for Next-Generation Satellite Networks

      The SpaceBridge family of consumer and compact satellite VSAT terminals are among the most powerful yet cost-effective Broadband VSAT user modem/terminals available.  They come equipped with TCP/IP and HTTP acceleration, traffic compression and QoS capabilities to deliver the best broadband experience, as well as support for enterprise applications.  Built-in advantages like IPSec VNP encryption, embedded QoS support, and WaveSwitch and RCSX  Return Link technology also set SpaceBridge terminals apart.  SpaceBridge XSoC (System on a Chip) architecture is the basis of our compact terminal design.  It delivers versatility and upgradeability advantages, and leverages Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology.

      Multi-Satellite / Multi-Spot-Beam Capable, HTS-Ready

      The SpaceBridge ASAT™ VSAT system for Broadband Satellite Internet is built from the ground up to be a user-friendly, flexible and scalable platform that efficiently powers satellite and operator services. Optimized for next-generation High-Throughput (HTS) systems, SpaceBridge Compact Series VSAT Terminals and routers bring rich feature sets.  ASAT™ management capabilities can drive both sophisticated services and simple ones.   The ASAT™ architecture can separate  baseband equipment, such as modulators and demodulators, from other Processing service functions (encapsulation / decapsulation, PEP, QoS, satellite bandwidth management).  Processing functions and services do not need to be performed at the HUB location.  These functions can be run at remote data centers, thereby minimizing the system footprint and overhead at teleports / satellite gateways.    The system also comes with support for RF-over-fiber teleport diversity, baseband sub-system diversity, as well as operation with geo-redundant data centers / NOC locations.

      Terminals for a Range of Applications

      For Consumer and Enterprise markets, our range of Compact terminals and Enterprise modems address a broad spectrum of consumer and business requirements, from rural “digital divide” networks to high-end broadband, to robust ISP and enterprise-grade networks:


                       Typical Applications                                                                                          Model

      For consumer and corporate networks, features and advantages of the SpaceBridge ASAT system include:

      • XSoC  (System on a Chip) and SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology powers an affordable, flexible Star/Mesh capable system with optimized price entry-points.
      • Multi-Service Hub: the same Hub can run Enterprise data connectivity and Internet broadband connectivity via a completely separate network gateways for enhanced security.
      • VPN-secured connections — for applications such as financial, corporate, government networks.
      • Performance enhancements for applications: Email, ERP, Long Distance and Private Voice (VoiP), Video-over-IP and cloud-based office and enterprise applications.
      • IP application acceleration and Quality of Service for Broadband Internet access and high-performance IP connectivity.
      • True Protocol Transparency and MPLS network support.

      WaveSwitch Satellite Resource Efficiency Advantages

      WaveSwitch technology from SpaceBridge offers unique advantages for “throughput-hungry” enterprise applications, such as two-way video, high-speed downloads, and Wi-Fi Hotspots. Traditional VSATs using MF-TDMA satellite access can efficiently share capacity among users, but this approach limits the throughput rate of an individual terminal.  However, dedicating SCPC bandwidth to each terminal or link in order to guarantee high bit rates can be very inefficient and waste satellite capacity. SpaceBridge WaveSwitch™ technology lets satellite modems switch automatically and on-the-fly between MF-TDMA and SCPC waveforms.  WaveSwitch can adjust SCPC terminals’ bandwidth to optimally meet varying traffic requirements at any given instant.   With WaveSwitch™, “always-online” terminals can be set to only consume bandwidth when traffic priorities require it — maximizing satellite resource efficiency even more.

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