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      Maritime Connectivity over Satellite

      Maritime businesses are being transformed as satellite networks make global broadband 24×7 communications at sea more affordable, accessible and powerful. SATCOMs-on-the-Move technology delivers unmatched bandwidths and coverage at sea for maritime communications services around the globe, for a wide range of industry applications, including: commercial fleets, transport, fishing, cruise lines, oil tankers, and offshore platforms.

      SpaceBridge offers a set of SOTM VSAT terminal router and modem solutions for Maritime communications.  Our satellite modems are designed to support all-outdoor above-deck installation.  They simplify deployment and maintenance, and deliver highly efficient satellite links.

      SpaceBridge products enable a wide variety of maritime applications such as:

      • Data links for voice, data, and video to monitor and control assets and operations.
      • Internet access – including broadband connectivity for business, and cruise line cabin services and Wi-Fi, and crew Welfare
      • Wireless / Cellular / Wi-Fi service for passengers
      • Surveillance and monitoring: from security to engine diagnostics and reporting, to container sensors and status, to fuel, freshwater and other resources.
      • Fleet management and enterprise automation
      • Inventory and freight tracking, delivery, logistics, and status monitoring
      • HD Video and heavy data backhaul for specialized applications, such as ocean drilling and exploration.
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      Government and naval fleets also have mission-critical applications such as Command & Control, remote equipment and asset monitoring, crew welfare, and live surveillance that demand high bandwidths the SATCOMs-on-the-Move technology delivers.

      SpaceBridge ASAT™  System Ultimate Series VSATs can meet the most demanding maritime mobility requirements.   For indoor operation for land-mobile Satcoms-on-the-Move platforms, the SpaceBridge U7800 is a powerful, versatile, high-performance VSAT router for enterprise and telecoms applications.  As Ultimate Series VSATs, these units can deliver superior link performance with IP services speeds up to 100 Mbps download and 100 Mbps upload. Our products come with the OpenAMIP antenna interface for operation with auto-pointing and on-the-move auto-tracking antenna controllers used in maritime SATCOMS.

      Maritime services can pose unique technical, operational and business challenges.  Depending on the type of vessel or platform these can include:

      • Seasonal, temporary, and large fluctuating traffic and bandwidth requirements
      • Roaming, satellite and beam switching / handovers
      • Complex terminals that require high satellite power resources
      • On-board Cellular – roaming network (3G/4G/LTE)

      Spacebridge’s WaveSwitch™ technology lets satellite modems switch automatically and on-the-fly between MF-TDMA and SCPC waveforms.   WaveSwitch can adjust SCPC terminals’ bandwidth to optimally meet varying traffic requirements at any given instant. With WaveSwitch, terminals can be set to only consume bandwidth when traffic and mission priorities require it, while remaining “always-on” the network.  The U7800 modem/router gives you the sophisticated IP network management, acceleration, and optimization tools to power telecoms and enterprise services.

      For maritime Cellular networks, customers can leverage SpaceBridge Mobile and Cellular 3G/4G/LTE backhaul/connectivity solutions.

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