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      SpaceBridge™ believes in partnerships.  We believe partnerships are what helps us succeed.  Helping our partners achieve their goals delivers more value to both parties, time and time again. As a privately-owned company, SpaceBridge brings our entrepreneurial vision, combined with flexibility and openness to explore a variety of business models for Revenue-Sharing partnerships.

      Revenue Sharing 

      We have worked successfully with numerous partners to create various Revenue-Sharing models, and to drive new business together. We tailor approaches to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

      What We Bring

      Some of the partnership areas where SpaceBridge™ contributes our expertise include:

      • Reducing barriers to entry for new markets and deployments
      • Providing the best product/market fit
      • Sharing risks / risk-mitigation

      We look for win-win opportunities where we can contribute real value as a partner, and gain real rewards by teaming.  The role of SpaceBridge naturally and most frequently includes serving as your “Chief Technology Enabler” in a Joint Venture / Partnership, especially when it comes to satellite networks

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      .  This can include contributing any or all of the following resources and functions:

      Network Planning and Sizing Requirements Definition and Negotiation with Satellite vendors
      Satellite Link Budget analysis Go-to-Market support
      HUB and Remote hardware and software delivery Providing Tier 2, 3, and 4 Levels of Support
      VSAT HUB installation and integration with third party Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems Internet fiber connectivity
      Disaster Recovery Plan (DRO) Network Security planning
      Remote VSAT site installer training In-Country Support Centers
      Repair Centers Network Operation centers

      What Can We Do Better Together?

      We welcome the opportunity to explore partnerships for Revenue Sharing models.

      If you think your organization may benefit in partnerships with SpaceBridge by tapping our strengths and yours, we welcome the chance to explore with you how we can build more business together.

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