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    SatCloud Managed Services

    Cloud-based, Dynamic SCPC Bandwidth-on-Demand solution 

    Service providers struggle to raise a budget or major funds required to rise a new operation, choose the right technology to commit to, and invest in relevant human resources and training, and lacking visibility of integration cost when starting a new operation.​ 

    SpaceBridge™ has created SatClouda new first-of-its-kind service to help address these challenges —.  SatCloud is a Dynamic SCPC Bandwidth-on-Demand solution that uses Cloud Teleport Services, Scheduling, and Orchestration. Ideal for starter hubs, new service providers, pay-as-you-grow, new and/or gradual deployments models,  SatCloud was designed to scale from just a few Mbps to hundreds of Mbps, measured by remote Terminal throughput.  Designed to address satellite network operator challenges. 

    SatCloud offers a Cloud-orchestrated solution for service providers that want to provide managed high-bit rate occasional and on-demand end-to-end satellite solutions.  This includes Teleports | Broadcasters | Satellite Operators | Satellite Network Operators | ISPs | Oil & Gas, | Energy, and Maritime Satellite networks | Satellite-delivered Cloud Applications providers | Enterprise networks. 

    OPEX instead of CAPEX Spend 

    With SatCloud, you avoid the need to invest capital expenses in deploying a new platform, a significant reduction in risk.  You also avoid the startup costs of training your engineering & support teams on new hardware systems maintenance and support. Pay only for what you need, asyougrow, while gaining a complete Operation Suite.  At the same time, enjoy managed services provided through our Network Operation Centers, and managed by our highly-dedicated and experienced engineers. SatCloud comes with 24×7 network management services, based on a complete OpEx model. 


    SpaceBridge™ has developed a new cloud-based teleport hub able to connect to any teleport in the world using the Internet, as a Managed Service solution in a complete OPEX model. In other words –  we take care of Hub and Remote Site operations, maintenance, updates, troubleshooting, training, all as a network management suite.  We got you covered. 

    With SatCloud, you can focus on delighting your customers, and worry less about the learning curve of getting your operations and infrastructure ready to support new service launches.   SpaceBridge provides support by experienced professionals backed up by advanced cutting edge tools & technology. 

    Private / Public / and Hybrid Cloud 

    Our goal is to help you launch and grow new services and to make it easier than ever to do that. To us, that means leveraging the power of cloud technology, where it can alleviate hardware hassles and risks.  

    If you think your organization may benefit from SpaceBridge managed services by tapping our strengths and yours, we welcome the chance to explore with you how we can build more business together. 


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    Sat Cloud Managed Service brochure

    SatCloud Managed Service Brochure
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