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      UAV Communication On The Move

      The use of military UAVs has increased exponentially in the recent years, as has civilian government use of autonomous aerial systems, or drones, in areas such as Border Patrol, Emergency Response, Environmental and Asset Monitoring, and even law enforcement. Not only has demand grown for Military UAVs to perform ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) as well as live battlefield situational awareness for war-fighters and commands.   At the same time, mission requirements continue to push for ever bigger and faster pipes.  Users want ever higher resolution real-time transmission of video, imaging and sensing data, and faster non-real-time data relays over satellite links in order to give war-fighters an edge.

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      But in many cases, UAV performance can be limited due to satellite network bandwidth limitations when a UAV is flying Beyond Line of Sight (BloS), for example outside home territory.  Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) use satellite communications for continuous Beyond Line of Sight (BLoS) communications. The SpaceBridge Tactical SATCOM Network architecture for UAVs enables higher data throughput rates for UAV links.  The SpaceBridge ASAT™ VSAT system provides unique capabilities designed to meet emerging requirements for UAV missions:

      • The system allows remote UAVs to access large pools of bandwidth, while achieving low latency, and high network efficiencies. It can enable whole new opportunities to better leverage available advanced satellites’ bandwidth.
      • With built-in beam switching technology, very low latency, multiple uplink carriers and perfectly synchronized forward and return links, the SpaceBridge solution enables UAVs to use High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems – and gain access to drastically increased bandwidth potential. Narrow satellite beams on HTS satellites can also reduce the potential footprint visible to enemy jamming.
      • Synchronized Forward and Return Frequency Assignment provide resilience against jamming, and reduce the probability of intercept for large tactical UAVs.
      • Fast data switching, and very short data frames also enable the Drone Swarm Concept of Operations.

      Space Segment Efficiency

      During a mission,  UAV bandwidth requirements can rapidly throttle up and down.  At one instant, an SCPC channel may be required to deliver required throughput for streaming live ultra-high-resolution video or rich sensing data.   At other times, a UAV’s data link speed can be reduced, where it can return space segment capacity to a shared pool with other user and still meet mission requirements by, for example, using an MF-TDMA bandwidth pool.  SpaceBridge’s award-winning WaveSwitch™ technology seamlessly optimizes the system’s satellite access method to suit varying traffic requirements in real time.  This industry-first VSAT System with “on-the-fly” waveform switching, it can allocate bandwidth to UAVs or groups in real-time from a common space segment.  Star or Mesh network topologies can all be supported in the same system, which comes with IP satellite link acceleration, optimization,  Network Management  and QOS tools, and options for embedded and network military-grade security.

      The SpaceBridge solution is built to address the most demanding military and security applications, is available in a variety of suitable form factors, and supports OpenAMIP for mission-critical one-the-move Satcoms.

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