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MCR4 High Performance SCPC Receiver

Product Overview

The MCR4 High Performance SCPC Receiver provides HUB side support for SpaceBridge ASAT WaveSwitchTM service (up to 4 simultaneous connections) per unit.

SpaceBridge’s Multi-Channel Receiver (MCR)-4 contains a rack mount for easy deployment as well as a limitless user traffic support for mission-critical applications. It detains a powerful wire-speed packet processing and an easy integration to any networking infrastructure.

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  • Rack mount for easy deployment
  • Limitless user traffic support for mission critical applications
  • Powerful wire-speed packet processing
  • Easy integration with any networking infrastructure


  • Quad-narrow band SCPC receivers capable of supporting up to 4 x 125Msps return channels
  • Spectrally efficient DVB-S2X waveform with feedback ACM loop
  • Layer 2 or L3 transport
  • DVB-S2X TX port for active loopback testing/ product verification/provide a pilot for ACM support/ etc.

Use Cases

  • Trunking as primary or as fiber backup.
  • High capacity cellular backhaul for multi-tenant applications such as remote communities, cruise ships, mining and offshore.
  • 2.5G/3G/4G/5G dense trunks.
  • Macro cell / urban boost capacity in dense populations.
  • On-the-pause, first-responder / emergency-response dense backhaul.
  • High-efficiency enterprise fast and transparent connectivity
  • Mobile communications for defense, SNG, on-demand events

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