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      U7720 – High-Performance Networking Satellite Modem/Router

      Product Overview

      SpaceBridge entry level rackmount satellite modem/router for high performance L2/L3 multipurpose multiservice networking applications.

      U7720 is a high performance networking satellite modem/router capable of supporting IP speeds of 100Mbps download and up to 15Mbps upload. U7720 supports industry standard OpenAMIP, which when coupled with ASATTM maritime multi-beam support and beam switching technology, provides a very effective, robust and secure maritime/mobility communication solution. A board level solution, supporting single user GigE and MGMT GigE, for integration into ODU terminal is also available.

      Application and uses
      • Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)
      • Maritime/Mobility Applications
      • Cellular Backhaul for thin rural routes
      • Available as standalone board for terminal integration

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      Benefits & Features


      • DVB-S2X forward link. Highest spectral efficiency via highly granular MODCODs, low roll off rates and Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)
      • VB-RCS2 return channels supporting QPSK16QAM and up to 5% rolloffs
      • OpenAMIP and/or dedicated serial port to connect to ODU.
      • Optional : IPSec mode 256AES encryption


      • Internet-traffic optimization (Performance Enhancement Proxy) and QoS, enhancing user experience and conserving satellite bandwidth
      • Operates with most COTS BUC/LNBs or transceivers
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      U7720 – High-Performance Networking Satellite Modem/Router

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        U7720 – High-Performance Networking Satellite Modem/Router